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iEaster: A fun way to count down to the holidays of the season of renewal - be it Palm Sunday, Good Friday or Easter Sunday - and an informative daily reference tool, full of interesting and engaging holiday facts and trivia to help you hold the Easter spirit close to your heart all the year through. (Click here for support.)

iChristmas: A fun way to count down to "the big day" - be it Saint Nicholas Day, Christmas Day, or New Year's Day - and an informative daily reference tool, full of interesting and engaging holiday facts and trivia to help you hold the Yuletide spirit close to your heart all the year through. (Click here for support.)

iDemon: It is said that there can be no Good without Evil - and we couldn't agree more. That's why we're proud to offer the iDemon app - the companion to our iAngel app. Each glimpse into iDemon's 'Daily Curse' tab reveals secrets into the World of Darkness - including key dates throughout history involving those who have dared to battle The Adversary, documented tales of demonic possession, quotes from scholars and authors who have studied the true nature of Evil, literary works that deal with countering - or embracing - Satanic forces, and descriptions of The Fallen themselves. (Click here for support.)

iVampire: As twilight yields to the dark of night, the Undead rise to feed on the living - and you can meet them in the iVampire app from Metrilogics. iVampire provides daily insight into the lore and legend of Vampires from around the world, including key dates - both births and passings - relevant to legendary and historical Vampires... and the Vampire hunters who pursued them. Learn about locations where Vampires are still said to rise from their graves, as well as time-tested methods of warding off attacks from the Nosferatu. iVampire will also provide you with unique knowledge of the Undead as they've been portrayed over the years in books and film - all of this and more on the app's "Daily Infusion" tab. (Click here for support.)

Real Work: It's been a long time coming, but Metrilogics is proud to present the Real Work app - the unique business tool that enables supervisors and managers to assess how much "bang for the buck" they're getting from individual team members, entire teams, or departments. Real Work answers the question - once and for all - how many dollars worth of value-add work are being produced vs. the dollars that the company paid to GET that work. (Click here for support.)

iHaunted: Metrilogics is happy to serve up another addition to our family of otherworldly apps: iHaunted - an insightful and informative daily reference tool that will help you learn more about the various spirits that haunt our world, the psychics that try to contact them, and the paranormal researchers who investigate both. Get all of this and more on the app's "Daily Haunt" tab. (Click here for support.)

One Percenters: Metrilogics' One Percenters app celebrates the people who built - and continue to build - the modern world, developing the products and services we all take for granted, while creating billions of jobs across various business sectors, and donating tens of billions of dollars to charity each year. Learn genuine real-world business wisdom and advice from captains of industry and finance, including Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller and others who've helped improve the human condition all over the world for the past 250 years. (Click here for support.)

iIlluminati: Metrilogics proudly presents another addition to our family of... shall we say.. "illuminating" apps: iIlluminati - providing a window into the secret societies (both past and present) that have influenced world history across the centuries. Gain unique insight each day into the secret societies themselves, dates of birth and passing of key group members and their adversaries, and direct quotes from some of these individuals - all on the app's "Daily Insight" tab. (Click here for support.)

iBible: iBible - the app that provides daily inspiration and instructional scripture from both the Old and New Testaments, on the app's "Daily Scripture" tab. (Click here for support.)

iMystic: We proudly offer yet another addition to our family of otherworldy apps: iMystic - your daily app source for the insightful guidance of famous gurus and sages from around the world, and across the ages. Get unique spiritual advice each day from the likes of Albert Pike (Freemason), Aleister Crowley (Occultist), Dion Fortune (Spiritualist), Sri Yukteswar Giri (Hindu and Biblical Yogi) and more - all on the app's "Daily Insight" tab. Get to know these independent thinkers, and - day by day - apply their unique wisdom to help you along your personal Life path. (Click here for support.)

iProphecy: iProphecy - your daily app source for the prophetic visions from varied historical figures, literary and religious sources, ranging from the Bible to Nostradamus. Some predictions are said to already have occurred - while others may come to pass in the not-too-distant future. Read each one - every day - on the "Daily Vision" tab, and try your hand at unlocking the future! (Click here for support.)

iAngel: iAngel - the app that provides daily angelic inspiration, including prayers of intercession, passages from religious texts, and quotes from learned scholars, poets and artists throughout the ages. All of this and more on the app's "Daily Grace" tab. (Click here for support.)

iWicca: Finally - an all-in-one calendar app for the busy Wiccan, Pagan or student of the occult! (Click here for support.)

Process Writer enables trainers and procedure writers to quickly and easily document any process or activity, in any business setting, in real time. No more scribbling notes as you observe a process, THEN trying to read your handwriting later as you feverishly type up the procedure at your desk. (Click here for support.)

iFortuna for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch provides personalized daily wisdom and advice to address the spiritual and mystical aspects of life. iFortuna employs the robust Tri-Oracular method - cross channeling the power of Runes, Tarot and I Ching - to guide each user on their own unique life path each day of the week. Be sure to also check out iFortuna's "Prospero Arcana" tab - dossiers of age-old lore, charms, spells, rituals, prayers and chants that bring happiness, health and wealth. (Click here for support.)

Daily Mentor for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch provides personalized daily business advice and guidance for users working in any business sector, anywhere in the world. Daily Mentor uses an applied mathematical model of randomized predictive and descriptive analytics to give insightful business wisdom each day of the week, specifically tailored to each individual user's unique professional profile. Whatever lies in store, Daily Mentor will be there to help each and every day. (Click here for support.)

Resource Alignment Matrix (RAM) for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch provides a simple and objective method for supervisors and managers to rank their team members across relevant work skills, output quality, productivity and attitude / aptitude. Identify team member development opportunities and spot specific places to cut operating costs by evaluating each team member on the key variables that determine success in any organization. (Click here for support.)

Task Rate Calculator for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is specifically designed to enable management consultants and operations managers to quickly and easily derive capacity rates for any task, anywhere, any time. This app minimizes the need for extended and resource-intensive time/motion studies and number crunching. (Click here for support.)

Staffing Model Calculator for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch enables management consultants and operations managers to quickly and easily derive optimal direct production team sizes for any work environment - whether manufacturing, warehouse, financial services, or IT. (Click here for support.)

Auditor for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is the perfect app for anyone tasked with conducting audits of any kind - including quality, process, procedural, training, legal or compliance - in any type of work environment, and in any business sector. (Click here for support.)

Angry Boss! for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is a business simulation game that puts the player in the role of supervisor, manager and COO. Step up to the challenge of an ever-changing work environment, keep your unit costs under control, and try to rise to the level of CEO! (Click here for support.)

Also, be sure to check out the Metrilogics Robust Production Management (RPM) performance improvement content. Thirteen modules of our "best stuff" - consulting concepts, calculations, before and after case scenarios, examples of our analytical tools and templates, how to build them, etc. - are now available through the Task Rate Calculator, Staffing Model, Daily Mentor, Process Writer, and Resource Alignment Matrix apps, and the 'Angry Boss!' game. Apply the proven principles of RPM to any project or initiative, and watch as costly operational waste disappears and profits soar!

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