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Thank you for downloading the Metrilogics iEsoterica app for macOS - your unique one-stop source for daily personalized wisdom and advice, including insights into all things mysterious, occult and paranormal. This single app for Macs gives you a daily window into the exotic and often forbidden knowledge that our other standalone apps provide - all in one place - including access to our entire video library of mystic subject matter. If you're a fan of our iOS and macOS iFortuna, iWicca, iBible, iAngel, iDemon, iMystic, iIlluminati, iProphecy, iVampire and iHaunted apps, then THIS is the app for you!

The purpose of this page is to provide you, our valued customer, with information that will help you get the most out of the iEsoterica app.

As we receive more customer feedback in the form of suggestions and common questions, these - and our responses - will be featured below in the complete list of "Frequently Asked Questions." In the meantime, please review the short list of questions and answers that we've compiled to date. Hopefully, this information will help get you started using iEsoterica.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send them to We will make every attempt to respond within 48 hours to customer emails received. If we can't provide a detailed response, we will direct you back to this page, where your question may already be answered as we update the "Frequently Asked Questions" section.

Also, please be sure to post your comments, suggestions and product ratings of iEsoterica at the Mac App Store site where you purchased the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an instruction manual for iEsoterica?

There is no manual, because iEsoterica is designed to be intuitive to use and easy to navigate.

What kind of "Daily Wisdom" information can I expect to see each day?

Each button on the left-hand side of the "Daily Wisdom" screen will provide you with personalized information, knowledge and inspiration that you can use each day to chart your course and succeed no matter what fate may have in store for you. You can select any of the buttons containing the combined daily content from each of our well-known individual iFortuna, iWicca, iBible, iAngel, iDemon, iMystic, iIlluminati, iProphecy, iVampire and iHaunted apps.

Why am I prompted to enter descriptive profile information about myself before being able to use the iFortuna button?

The iFortuna module of the iEsoterica app relies on user-specific personality, behavior and talent information so that it can provide appropriate personalized direction for each individual. This information resides within the app itself, and is never shared with others or used in any other way beyond enabling the app to deliver iFortuna's personalized daily guidance, just for you (for additional details, please see iEsoterica's privacy policy).

How often do I need to update my profile within the iFortuna module of iEsoterica?

Profile updates for use with the iFortuna module aren't necessary. Simply establish your profile once, and the iFortuna module will continue to provide relevant and directed wisdom and advice, no matter which direction(s) your life path may take you.

How are the "Propsero Arcana" video subjects chosen?

Because our app users tend to have a wide range of mystical, occult and paranormal interests, the "Prospero Arcana" screen offers access to a wide variety of informative video topics dealing with symbology, ancient occult writings, lost treasure, mythology, philosophy, religion and other - often forbidden - subjects.

Privacy Policy for iEsoterica by Metrilogics

Metrilogics, LLC is the legal owner of "iEsoterica from Metrilogics" and "iEsoterica by Metrilogics". These apps do not collect or store any user data. User data is not shared with any third party integrations, analytics tools, advertising networks, or SDKs, nor is data collected through third party widgets. No parent, subsidiary or other related entities will have access to user data. Any future updates to this policy will be posted here. Questions regarding this Privacy Policy can be sent to

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