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Thank you for purchasing "Angry Boss!" - Metrilogics' first business game that puts the player in the role of managing a 50-member operations team, with the goal of keeping operating unit costs under control in an ever-changing work environment. Each game progresses over the course of a (GREATLY compressed) 12 month period, during which time various internal and external business events occur. Sometimes these events have a positive impact on the business operation (more demand for current products, gaining new customers, the advent of an economic recovery, the installation of new automation, etc.). Some events have a negative impact on the operation (the loss of a key customer, the emergence of a competing company, the onset of an economic recession, etc.). Still other events have virtually no impact on the operation at all.

The player's challenge is to assess the type and magnitude of each event as it hits, and take timely and appropriate action (via the 'Hire,' 'De-Crew,' 'Train' and 'Manage' control buttons) to keep operating unit costs as low as possible - thus enabling the company to remain profitable, no matter what the business climate may be at any given moment. A unit cost indicator bar shows players how their decisions and actions affect operating costs. And - depending on how the year unfolds - the boss offers comments of support, encouragement and...well...their own special brand of 'coaching.'

Game Format

"Angry Boss!" includes 3 separate operating scenarios, including: ...and there are 9 different game levels within each operating scenario: Game levels become ever-more challenging as:

Players select 1 of the 3 operating scenarios and begin at the first of 9 levels. To move on to the next level, players must first successfully complete the current level. "Winning" within any game level is defined as keeping average unit costs for a given year at or below the initial base level (i.e., having an average annual unit cost within the white or green area of the unit cost indicator bar at the end of a game level). Ending the year with an average unit cost in the orange or red areas of the indicator bar will prevent players from being able to advance to the next game level. Ending the year in the orange or red areas of the unit cost indicator bar will also result in some choice feedback from the boss :-)

Under all 3 scenarios, players start out as supervisors and - as they successfully complete each of 9 levels - work their way up to the level of CEO.

Game Controls

Following is a description of the 4 primary game control buttons. The control buttons are used to offset the effects of any of the positive or negative events that occur during the course of a 1-year game period:

Player Hints

Note that tapping any of the buttons too many or too few times can have an adverse affect on the operation, leading to increased unit costs. For example, in a time of RISING output demand the failure to tap the 'Hire' button the appropriate number of times will result in a crew that's too small - thus requiring overtime hours and costs to meet demand, which will raise unit costs. On the other hand, tapping the 'Hire' button too many times will also raise unit costs, due to the fact that the team will be overcrewed (and unnecessarily expensive) relative to output demands. At a time of DECREASING output demand, tapping the 'De-Crew' button too many or too few times will also drive unit costs higher. By the same token, it's possible to tap the 'Train' and 'Manage' buttons too many or too few times. Too little training will result in unskilled team members, low quality output and low productivity - all of which will raise unit costs. On the other hand, excessive time spent training team members may also cause a drop in hourly production, requiring overtime hours and pay to meet output demands. Under-managing (i.e., too few taps to the 'Manage' button) and over-managing (i.e., too many taps on the 'Manage' button) will also cause unit costs to rise.

Robust Production Management (RPM) and "Angry Boss!"

Winning at "Angry Boss!" is based on the successful application of Metilogics' Robust Production Management (RPM) principles. For real-world reference, you can access RPM module topics from within "Angry Boss!" RPM modules provide cost-control concepts and templates for everything from supporting a performance culture to implementing a performance management framework to conducting time studies to creating accurate staffing models. With RPM tools and techniques at your fingertips, you'll have all the key elements for success in the real business world...and in the world of "Angry Boss!"

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